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Ways you can take action!

Visit and support the Community Vigil

The community have been protecting the Wallum site around the clock since the Byron Shire Council meeting on the 8th of February, where it was voted that the subdivision certificate could be issued with minor adjustments to the consent conditions.

There are several ways you can support the Save Wallum Community Vigil.

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Ask Minister Plibersek to
Call the Development In

We need thousands of letters from our local community and the greater Australian community to be sent to Tanya Plibersek.  


Simply click on the link to get to the letter template and email the minister, it's a process that will take you just a few minutes, but will have a mighty impact.


Take the Contractor Pledge

Are you a local community organisation that has been approached to work on the Save Wallum site, and you've said no?

We want to publicly recognise the contracting companies that are pledging to stand with the Save Wallum campaign and the community to save wallum.

You can take the Contractor Pledge, to publicly stand with community here!

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Get Involved

Do you feel you could contribute to our cause and help Save Wallum?


Get involved by filling out our volunteer form today

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Stay Informed
Subscribe for Email & SMS Alerts & Updates 

Thank you for supporting Save Wallum

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