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Pledge to your community

The commitment

I, [Company Name], stand with the community and declare that [Company Name] will not participate in any aspect of the Wallum Project, including the provision of materials or business involvement, at the Clarence Property's Luxury Housing Coastal Subdivision Project located at 15 Torikina Rd, Brunswick Heads (DA 10.2021.575.1). 

Let’s work together

The following form is for all businesses who would like to show their support for the Save Wallum campaign by signing 'Save Wallum Pledge to Your Community'.  
After submitting the form is completed, your Company Name (and brief description and web address if entered) only will be publicly displayed with 24 hours.

Please make sure all fields marked * are completed before pressing Submit

Thank you for your support.   Your pledge has been successfully received!

Click here to view the current list of businesses that have pledged their support to the Save Wallum campaign

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