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Events @ Wallum Tomorrow, SUN 18th Feb

A number of important events are scheduled onsite at the Wallum Protectors community vigil (15 Torakina rd and Omega crescent, Bayside) tomorrow, Sunday 18th Feb.

Community members are encouraged to come down to connect, train up and prepare for our ongoing protection of this culturally and ecologically significant area.

10:30 am - Ecology Tour of Wallum with James Barrie.

Meet at end of Omega Crescent, bayside. Thanks to the rain yesterday we will have the rare privilege to witness the chorus of threatened frogs singing from the Wallum.

When we learn about what we love we are better prepared to protect it.

All Welcome!

1pm - Let’s try to buy Wallum and save it for Posterity! 

Meeting at the Bayside roundabout. Bring your ideas and look at some documents that have already been made for prospective donors. If you know any fabulous fundraisers or wealthy philanthropists, please invite them.

3pm - NVDA (non -violent direct action) Training.

An essential part of inducting community to an active role in the protection of Wallum. Supporting you to operate alongside your community with safety and certainty of your role in the process.

4.30pm - Legal Observers training.

Meeting at Bayside roundabout info tent.

Prerequisite - General NVDA Training. Volunteers are needed for the Legal Observer role.

Legal Observor is a legally recognised role.

Legal Observors do NOT take part in action but observe, take notes and film.

They help to keep people safe by monitoring what is happening.

If or when there is a Red Alert, Legal Observers are needed on site to witness what occurs.

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