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Mammals at Wallum

This collection of images includes some of the Mammals of Wallum - 30ha of land on the coast at Brunswick Heads, near Byron Bay in NSW, Australia. This area was earmarked for development over 20 years ago, however was never subdivided. Earlier in 2023 the NSW Department of Planning signed a certificate to state all the impacts on Threatened Species on the site have been assessed - but they have not.

There are dozens of Threatened Species on the site, but known, and surveyed and presumed to be there due to their known habitats and food sources.

With some species, other local populations have been surveyed, such as the extremely rare Long Nosed Potoroo, which has been known to still survive in the neighbouring Tyagarah Reserve area that was badly burnt also this year (Oct), yet sadly this proposed development has made no effort to study or manage impacts on these species. We must #savewallum and protect these threatened species and their homes.

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