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Scribbly Gums on the Wallum Site by Beverley Callow


Save Wallum is a community campaign working to save the Wallum of Brunswick Heads from destruction.

Our Wallum is a place that provides habitat for 24 threatened species, rare wildflowers and old-growth trees, as they interweave the ecology of this coastal landscape and Simpsons Creek and the Cape Byron Marine Park.

Feast your eyes upon the natural beauty of this rare heath, as professional photographers share their love of this special place through our Gallery.

We hope you feel engaged by the ecological storytelling offered here, and that you will join us in the inclusive approach to lobbying government we provide. Wallum is the last of its kind in Brunswick Heads, and with your help we WILL protect it.


Earth for Us
to Protect






About Us

We are a community of passionate individuals fighting to protect the ecological balance of Wallum. Our mission is to lobby the government to take action to stop development and protect this ecologically sensitive land. Join us in our fight to preserve the natural beauty of Wallum for future generations.

'Save Wallum' is an upsurgence of community members (2000 members strong, and growing) who oppose the approval of Clarence Property’s Luxury Housing Coastal Subdivison, located at 15 Torakina Rd, Brunswick Heads (DA 10.2021.575.1)

Titled 'Wallum', after the ecology it will destroy, the Development will be comprised of:
• 124 Residential Lots
• 3 Medium Density Lots
• Plus a series of roads and supporting infrastructure & 3 reserves.


Byron Shire Council’s Geographical Information System (GIS) maps note the development sits on bushfire-prone and flood liable land, with acid sulphate soils that generate large amounts of sulphuric acid when disturbed, rapidly degrading infrastructure - including concrete.

Glossy Black Cockatoo with babies by Mac Maderski

What is a
Zombie DA?

The Development Application (DA) for this Subdivision is what is known as a “Zombie DA” - a recognised term used to describe development applications that were historically approved, under old planning regulations that do not uphold the same standards of ecological and cultural heritage assessments demanded by current legislation - which is now informed by natural disasters and the Extinction Crisis.

These applications can lie dormant for decades until developers such as Clarence Property bring them to life.  Zombie DA’s are a persisting state-wide issue, which will be highlighted in the upcoming State Enquiry into the NSW Planning System.

As a group, we are seeking Federal intervention, by Minister Plibersek, to refer this development for assessment under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act (1999).  If it is deemed a ‘Controlled Action’, development will cease until a federal assessment is done for the Matters of National Environmental Significance (MNES), which includes impacts on any EPBC listed Threatened Species - there are at least 9 of these on the Wallum site.


Rainbow Bee Eater-Mark Seiffert_edited.jpg


This is a place of deep cultural and ecological significance, ‘Wallum’ also constitutes a significant part of the mere 1% remaining Wallum Healthland in Byron Shire - the only representation of this ecological community in Brunswick Heads.

mac maderski-BeachStoneCurlew.jpg
mac maderski-flyingDuckOrchid.jpg

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